Linear Modules / Actuator Slide Units

Linear modules combine various components into a single actuation unit that generally requires the end user to add drive motor and control.

These Linear modules incorporate various components that can be mixed and matched to suit the applications requirements. Some examples of this would be a ball screw drive with Linear motion profile guides or a timing belt drive with Linear motion profile guides. Other options could include lead screws or no drive component, just the Linear guides. Due the variability and the potential to customise Linear modules, generally most sizes are on an X factory basis.

We offer a wide range of linear modules with many options including drive type, linear support, contamination protection and space saving design.

The brands we support for this range include: NSK / THK / THOMSON TOLLO / TBI / ITEM / BOSCH REXROTH / STAR

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Examples of Linear modules

  • Ball Screw Driven
  • Ball Screw Driven
  • Toothed Belt Drive
  • Without Drive Unit
Linear Modules